Fun Activities For Labor Day Weekend

Fun Activities For Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of the summer. Luckily for us at the Jersey Shore, September is when “local summer” begins. Even though there are hints of Fall upon us, we still have almost a whole month of summer left. Let’s enjoy it while we can and use Labor Day weekend to help kick off a fun and active September. In this week’s blog we are going to talk about ways to have a fun and happy Labor Day weekend with the entire family:

#1. Biking

Bicycling is one of the most entertaining ways to exercise. In some cases you won’t even feel like you are exercising. Grab the family and your bicycles and ride to a local trail or boardwalk, if your town allows it, and see how far you can go. Bring some music, lunch, or even stop along the way to grab a snack. At the end of the day, check your distance and see just how far you and the family rode.

#2. Hiking

There are plenty of hiking trails in New Jersey and New York to chose from. Whether you are a beginner or experienced hiker, you can introduce your family members to the activity and maybe even spark a new hobby in them. Hiking is a way to not only exercise, but also to sight see and explore new areas that not everyone gets to explore.

#3. Camping

There are many forms of camping. You can camp in a tent, a cabin, or even an RV. Whatever the case may be, camping is a fun overnight adventure that will get you and the family outdoors and disconnected from technology. Bring marshmallows and skewers to roast over the campfire or bring some fun outdoor activities and games to play as the sun goes down. With camping, the possibilities for fun are endless and you can not get that kind of entertainment just anywhere.

#4. Kayaking

For the families that enjoy spending time in the water, kayaking may be for you. There are multiple streams and rivers that allow kayakers and canoes to travel down. Some of these streams even have stops along the way that allow for swimming, cliff jumping, camping, and even just picnicking. Kayaking is also a great way to explore nature in a different way. You can see beaches, fish, turtles, and different insects that you may not normally see. Plus rowing is a great workout for the entire body so don’t be surprised if you feel sore the next morning.

#5. Cookout

Everyone knows of the traditional barbecue that occurs on every summer holiday. However, this year let’s try it with a twist. Instead of going for the usually hot dogs and hamburgers, try exploring more healthier alternatives. Grilled chicken, vegetables, and even fruit can be a huge hit. Switching to these foods can not only create healthier options, but also give more delicious variety as you can do more with these foods. For example, try making grilled teriyaki chicken and pineapple skewers this year.

#6. Limit Alcohol

It is no surprise that alcohol is supplied at nearly every party. However, this year try supplementing alcohol with healthier alternatives like mocktails. There are plenty of different drinks that can be made without alcohol that are equally, if not more, delicious. This is not to say that alcohol is forbidden from the party, but limiting it and swapping out for alternatives can be a better idea.

#7. Labor Day Parades

Depending on where you spend your Labor Day, your town may have some local activities. Whether that is a parade, fireworks, or street fairs; ask around your town to discover some new ways that you and your local neighbors can celebrate the holiday together. You may be surprised at what your town has to offer. My hometown of Boonton has a great Labor Day parade and carnival over the holiday weekend.

#8. Beach day

A beautiful beach day is the perfect way to celebrate a holiday. Spending time in the sand by the ocean is a way to decompress and reduce stress. It is super important that you are sure to lather up on the sunscreen, especially on hot days, because that sun is strong. Protect your skin and enjoy the beautiful beaches at the Jersey Shore this Labor Day (and all year long.)

#9. Fishing

This is a fun activity to do with the family. Whether you have a boat or just access to a dock, gather a group of people and throw some lines into the water. In some cases you can even use whatever you caught for dinner. This is also great way to get the children to try some new foods because they will feel a sense of pride that they caught it themselves. Just make sure to check the measurement of your catch to be in compliance with your town rules on fishing.

These are just a small selection of activities that you and the family can participate in this Labor Day. Whatever it is that you find yourself doing this Labor Day weekend, we hope it finds you happy and healthy.

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