Holiday Activiites During Covid

Holiday Activities During CovidAs our Christmas countdown begins to get smaller and smaller, we are getting more and more excited to celebrate! Even though this year will be different for most families due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that does not mean it has to be any less jolly than our previous years. Our main concern this year is keeping everyone happy and healthy and being that most of our college students are returning home for the winter break, it is extremely important to assure that everyone is doing the most that they can to keep themselves and others safe. However, just because we can not all be together this holiday does not mean that we can not enjoy the festivities together. Here are a list of activities you and your family can participate in this holiday season that will keep everyone safe, healthy, and most importantly happy!

Christmas movies: This is a holiday must. With a mile long list of holiday movies to chose from, grab the family and bundle up the couch together. Make some popcorn and hot chocolate and enjoy the night warm and cozy. This is something that you can do all season long, however there is just something so special about watching a holiday movie next to the tree with your family.

Bake Christmas cookies: Cookies are an even bigger essential during the holidays. So carve out sometime during your day to bake a few batches of your favorite cookies. This is a fun activity to do with the children as you can get icing and candies involved to have them customize each cookie to their own liking. You can even gift wrap a couple batches and deliver them to your loved ones this year.

Make Christmas ornaments: There is nothing better than having a tree full of hand made ornaments. Whether your children make them at home or at school, there is just something so special about watching them age with every year. That being said, spend some time this month making some home made ornaments. You can make them out of anything, even things found around your home: paper, pasta, cardboard, pictures, etc. The possibilities are endless and it leaves you with a sentimental feeling that can last a lifetime.

Make a phone call to Santa: Every child dreams of capturing a glimpse of Santa. So for just a small fee you can schedule a customizable video call with Santa himself! Visit ‘Santa Club’ on their website for more information on how to organize a time to speak to Ol’ Saint Nick.

Look at some Christmas lights: Despite the temperature outside, it is such a fun family activity to walk or drive around your neighborhood to see all of the houses and businesses that decorated for the holidays. Not to mention, the PNC Banks Arts Center provides New Jersey with a wonderful drive through holiday light show. At a small cost you and your family can drive through a maze of lights and decorations accompanied by Christmas music. This is a perfect holiday activity that is fun and safe for all.

Attend a socially distanced outdoor festivity: Depending on where you are located in the world, it may be possible to spend time outside during the holidays or for others you may have to bundle up a little bit. Either way, gather the family and have a nice outdoor festive gathering around a fire with some hot chocolate. This is an easy and safe way to spend time with family face to face while still being able to remain a safe distance away from everyone present.

Host or attend a virtual gingerbread house contest: Invite the family to a group video chat and begin to decorate gingerbread houses. At the end, everyone shows their own house and takes a vote on who’s is the best. This is a fun way to get the entire family together safely during the holiday. Plus, it produces a beautiful delicious treat to snack on later.

Cook a meal with the family: Cooking during the holidays tends to be targeted as stressful, but why not make it fun this year. Instead of looking at cooking as a burden grab the children and have them help you out in the kitchen when they can. Whether it is mixing a bowl of ingredients or helping keep you company, just by having them involved will give you and them a sense of joy. Check out next weeks blog for some healthy recipes that are fun and easy for the whole family to get involved with.

These are just a select few activities that can make the holiday season even just a little more merrier despite our worlds conditions. So bring these activities into your home this year and enjoy the wonderful spirit that they bring. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!

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