Wellness Gifts For Mom

Wellness Gifts For Mom

I don’t think we truly understand the sacrifices a mother makes for her family. Most of the time, these sacrifices are made without even being asked. Mothers bend over backwards to provide for their children and family to make sure they are happy and healthy, often at their own health’s expense. If you think about it, mothers take on many different roles: a caregiver, a teacher, a chauffeur, a counselor, and most importantly a role model. They are constantly conforming to the punches that roll with life, taking on many different physical roles along the way. One minute they can be in mom mode and the next minute they are in work mode. Mothers truly are one of the most special people on the planet and I think that is why celebrating Mother’s Day is so important. These moms deserve a day to be appreciated and acknowledged for all the hard work they do for everyone around them.

This Mother’s Day, whether you are celebrating yourself or another mother in your life, consider one of these gifts or activities to show that special someone how much you appreciate them and all that they do!

Farm fresh flowers

There are tons of local farms that provide the community with farm fresh everything, from produce to flowers. This year, instead of going to the grocery store to pick out a bouquet of flowers, visit a local farm or florist and provide them with your business. By doing this, you will not only make whoever you are gifting the flowers happy, but you will also be supporting a local business owner.

Plan a wellness retreat

Wellness retreats are becoming more popular. A wellness retreat is a perfect gift for a hard working mother. It gives them a chance to focus on themselves and their own health by promoting not only their physical health, but also their mental and spiritual health. You can find some local wellness retreats or others that are farther away. It is important to note that while each retreat focuses on health, no two are the same. Some retreats may incorporate different practices from the next so it is important to find one that aligns with you or your special someone’s goals.

Organic bedding collection

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health. Without adequate sleep we can say goodbye to our daily energy and there is no one who needs more energy than mothers. Moms are constantly running around day in and day out, therefore they need to be sure that they are getting the consistent sleep they need. Gifting moms with the perfect organic bedding set is a perfect way to make sure moms get the rest they need.

Surprise backyard Mother’s Day picnic

Gather the family and friends for a nice backyard picnic. Have everyone cook or bring their own food item to share with the group and enjoy the time together. Spending quality time, disconnected from technology, is a perfect way to connect with those you love and appreciate all that they do.

Large canvas print of her favorite family photo

It is said that a picture speaks a thousands words and I think that is most true when it comes to capturing a moment with family. One of the best gifts for a mother is a family photo. Find a family photo from the past year or gather everyone and take a new one. Use this photo to print out a canvas picture for mom to hang in the place of her choice. A family photo is a perfect gift because it captures a beautiful moment in time for everyone to constantly look back on when they see it.

Book a massage

Massages are one of the most effective ways to relieve built up muscle tension. It is also a 30-60 minute escape from reality, where you do not have to do anything but relax. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of a massage. It is a perfect way for a mom to step back for a short period of time and release any built up tension that may be lingering from the past few weeks or months.

“Free Day”

Mother’s Day should be everyday of the year because these women truly never stop. A mom never gets a day off even when she thinks she does. With that in mind, this Mother’s Day, gift your mom or yourself a free day. A free day to actually have the day off. This day consists of no laundry, dishes, chauffeuring, etc. Make your free day filled with relaxation or an activity that requires little to no brain power. Mothers deserve rest from the busy lives that they live and this “free day” is the perfect way to help them relax.

“Zen Kit”

A zen kit or zen garden is a perfect little way to incorporate daily mindfulness. These kits are individualized depending on where they are purchased; however, they usually consist of sand, rocks, crystals, and maybe even sage. These kits are used in meditation and mindfulness, to help slow down whoever is using it and bring them into the present moment. Sometimes life can be hectic and a gift like this for a mother can be the perfect solution to a busy day.

Legacy journal

A legacy journal is a perfect gift for anyone, but especially moms. It is a journal that provides the author with prompts about life’s events. The goal is to fill out this journal and pass it down to the next generation to share your experiences, values, and goals. A legacy journal can be similar to a time capsule as it has your individual handwriting, stories, and more. A journal like this has the potential to live on throughout a family for generations on end.

Health talk

One of the most important gifts a mother can get is the gift of knowledge about health. Mothers do a lot for a family and without them, most families would be lost. Therefore prioritizing mom’s health is essential! This can also be a great opportunity to educate the younger female generations in the family of the importance of self screenings for possible health conditions. The first step to achieving optimal health is by doing all that you can to prevent these conditions from forming in the first place.

These are just a few options of activities that you can participate in or gift this Mother’s Day. The options are endless and do not stop at this list to make this Mother’s Day special. It is important to give the gift that you know your special someone will appreciate most. We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy Mother’s Day. Thank you for all you do. Please know your hard work and efforts do not go unnoticed. To those that Mother’s Day may be a difficult day, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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