Local Activities To Do At The Jersey Shore

Local Activities To Do At The Jersey Shore

Being from Jersey, I’ve heard many people discredit our state and refer to it as “the armpit of America.” Locals know that is so far from the truth. It’s called the Garden State for a reason and I feel extremely lucky to call this state, and especially the Jersey Shore, home. New Jersey has many different activities and adventures. Most of us here in Toms River and Ocean county live within miles from the beach and within 45 minutes from Atlantic City and New York City. So while some people may put down our state, I say that our state has lots of fun stuff to do for all ages.

In this week’s blog we will discuss some local activities to do at the Jersey Shore:

  1. Casino Pier Boardwalk and Rides: If the New Jersey coast is famous for one thing it is our boardwalks. Seaside Heights boardwalk is covered with games, restaurants, and rides. The boards are a perfect place for families to gather and spend a fun day/night together. There are plenty of different activities to partake in on the boardwalk.
  2. Island Beach State Park: New Jersey beaches are another staple for anyone who lives or visits the state. Island Beach State Park is a beach that stretches for miles along the coast and allows its visitors to walk on or drive on. Whether you are into swimming, fishing, camping, or roasting marshmallows over a fire, Island Beach State Park is the place for you. You can enjoy all of these activities and more.
  3. Cattus Island: If you enjoy spending time in nature than Cattus Island is a place that you should consider visiting. It holds trails that extend into the heart of nature, explore wildlife and its home. Some trails even extend as far as a coast line that allows its visitors to enjoy the view, while even occasionally taking a dip in the water.
  4. Tices Shoal: Alongside Island Beach State Park is an area of the bay that is inhabited by many daily boat goers. Tices is a place where people take their boats out for the day and spend hours playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine. It is a fun place to spend time outside and with friends and family.
  5. Farmers Markets: We always talk about the importance of supporting local and that doesn’t change when it comes to food. There is nothing better than supporting small businesses and getting fresh, organic fruits and veggies. There are many different farms and farmers markets throughout the Jersey Shore, however one of the most common ones happens weekly in Seaside Park. Plenty of farmers gather there to spend the early hours of the day selling and educating visitors on their freshly grown produce.
  6. Great Adventure: Jackson, New Jersey holds an amusement park full of rollercoasters and rides fun for all ages. Great Adventure is an affordable way to spend the day with your friends and family, while having a blast. With over 60 different rides to chose from, plan a fun day trip to the amusement park where you can not only ride many different rides, but enjoy the fresh air while getting your steps in.
  7. Breakwater Beach and Go Karts: Just off of the Seaside boardwalk is Breakwater Beach Waterpark and go karts. Spending the day at the waterpark is a perfect definition of a summer day. However, ending your day with a few trips around the go kart track can solidify the deal. Theses activities are fun for all ages and are a great way to get family and friends together.
  8. Jenkinson’s Aquarium: The aquarium is perfect way to get the children involved in a fun activity as well as an educational one. Visiting aquariums allows children to explore the different animals in our world and to maybe even learn a little bit more about them. Next time you and the family are struggling to think of an activity for the weekend, try visiting Jenkinson’s Aquarium.
  9. Local Restaurants: Toms River and neighboring towns are home to many different restaurants and cafes to chose from. From organic options, ice cream, to teas and coffees there are plenty of options for you and your family to chose from. Support local businesses, especially now, is so important and beneficial. It allows us as a community to grow and flourish. So next time you are feeling hungry, try to visit a local restaurant and show your ongoing supporting for all that they do.

We hope that everyone is having a happy and safe summer so far. If you visit any of these locations after reading this blog, feel free to share your experience with us or friends to spread the support and excitement that our home town has to offer.

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